INAEM has just published the GOOD PRACTICE GUIDE FOR THE RESTART OF STAGE AND MUSICAL ACTIVITY IN SPAIN written with the collaboration of 14 state-level associations of the performing and musical arts.

The purpose of this Good Practice Guide is to offer cultural institutions, theaters, auditoriums, companies for the production and exhibition of performing arts and music, and artistic companies and groups, a series of basic prevention and protection measures, as well as recommendations general security measures for the restart of artistic activity in closed live music and stage venues and for street performances.

The general measures and recommendations of this Guide should serve to guide the drafting of the specific plans of any theater, auditorium, circus tent or other space in which a stage and musical activity is carried out, and also for those that must be prepared for the production, rehearsal and exhibition of a specific show.

This Guide is subject to possible updates as a result of future regulations that may be approved by the Ministry of Health on protection and prevention measures before Covid-19 and, in any case, always refers to compliance with current occupational health and safety regulations, as well as the governmental and sanitary provisions established to avoid the spread of the virus.

Each institution, stage space, operator, artistic collective or company must re-evaluate the occupational risks 1 existing in their workplace and for artistic activity, incorporating the preventive measures related to the new risk of contagion and transmission by Covid-19. For this, the active participation of the groups involved is recommended. Likewise, the evaluation of risks that, where appropriate, would entail the modification of the planning of the preventive activity, essential instruments for the management and application of the Risk Prevention Plan, should be reviewed. In order to determine the measures to be adopted in order to avoid the transmission of Covid-19, the recommendations of the
National Institute for Safety and Health at Work (INSST).
This document tries to guide and give certainty to the operators and artists involved in the artistic act, in the delicate task of adapting the processes of creation, production and exhibition of the shows in the current context of health crisis.

The Guide is prepared after analyzing the needs of the institutions, companies, artistic collectives and exhibition spaces where the live show takes place and taking into account the particularities of stage and musical production, so that, in as much as possible, don't be denatured
the essence of these shows.

Good Practice Guide Restarting Scenic and Musical Activity - INAEM